Sunday, October 28, 2012


Today was another cold, rainy, and gloomy day. Winter is clearly on its way, and I am not looking forward to its arrival. The weather forecast is calling for a chance of snow over the next couple of days, but then a stretch of warmer weather after that. Hopefully I can take advantage of those few nice days to get some work done in the garden, and enjoy the weather before the next cold spell.

I slept in today, which felt nice after getting up early and putting in long days recently. After lunch Andrea and I went out and worked on the metal building. We assembled and installed the doors and added a few finishing touches. I also finished nailing down the floor. It was raining the whole time we were out there, so I was able to check for leaks. I found three different leaks, although none of them are bad. I'm hoping that the problem is something simple like a bad washer or something similar that I can fix by just replacing the screw and washer. If that doesn't work I'll try some caulk.

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