Saturday, June 29, 2013


When I got up this morning I headed over to the garden. I hadn't applied the foliar feed of diluted urine in a while, so thought that was well past due. I mixed up two gallon, and sprayed everything in the garden, as well as the bushes along the edge of the yard and herbs.

While spraying the onions I noticed that several of them were partially uncovered, so I went ahead and harvested those. I haven't weighed them yet, but they are decent sized.

I had plans to get a lot accomplished after work this evening, but of course things didn't go quite as planned. I hooked up the mower and started mowing the front yard, which was badly in need of being mowed. Things went well at first, but then after a few passes it stopped cutting. I managed to get the blades to re-engage, but then they stopped again. I think I need to install the new belt, so will likely do that tomorrow.

I had also planned to assemble the new lawn sweeper and try it out after mowing, but it was looking like rain. If all goes well maybe I can do that tomorrow.

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