Thursday, June 6, 2013


The weather forecast was calling for rain this morning, so I slept in. Of course there ended up being no rain. Seems like that is the way it happens, if I sleep in expecting rain, it doesn't come, yet if I woke up early, it would be raining.

At lunch I went to the garden to harvest garlic scapes. I had been watching them for a few days, and decided that today was the day to harvest. There were 22 scapes, all from the Korean Red variety. Unfortunately that will be all for the year, since that was the only hardneck that I planted. I may have to reconsider this next year.

After work I finished up the water hauling trailer that my Dad had helped me with. All that it required was installation of the spigot, which didn't take very long at all. After that I filled the barrel from one of the rain barrels, which was full. I wanted to empty it, so it could collect more when it rains again. While I was doing this Andrea worked in the herb garden, weeding, and applying paper mulch that she had shredded earlier in the day.

When we both finished with those projects we decided to plant some of the bushes along the edge of the yard. While Andrea was getting the bushes themselves ready I cut the weeds in the section we were planning to plant, then used the roto-tiller to loosen the top couple inches of dirt. It seems kind of strange to be using a roto-tiller when I have a tractor, but in a small area I think the rototiller makes more sense, especially since I had to work around some trees and exposed trees roots.

I think we planted around 10 bushes, which covers about a third of the area we have planned. I can't remember everything that we planted, but it was a variety, including forsythia, old fashioned lilac, japanese rose, weigela, and sargent crabapple. Hopefully we'll be able to finish up this weekend or next week.

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