Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I normally to the office for work on Tuesdays, but I skipped this week. Andrea was scheduled to meet someone in Frankfort today to pick up an order from Raw Paws. She had to go to jury duty this morning, though, and we had no way of knowing if she'd be available to drive to Frankfort or not. I volunteered to work from home, so I could take off from work a couple hours early if needed to go instead of her if needed. Luckily she didn't have to stay for jury duty very long, and was home in plenty of time to do the pickup.

It rained most of the morning, but by the time I got off from work the weather was clear. With all of the rain lately, we've missed the opportunity to catch a lot of rainwater because of the barrels being full. I decided to go ahead and use some of the water this evening, so we'll have some capacity when it rains again. I had emptied the trailer mounted barrel when I watered the tomatoes earlier in the week, so I went ahead and filled it from the rain barrels.

Once filled I took the barrel over to the garden and left so we will have it available to water from. While over there I checked on all of the plants. Some of the newly transplanted peppers are looking really good, while others haven't really grown much yet. I found a few that had been dug up. It seemed that whatever had done it had simply dug the loose dirt out of the hole, leaving the hole looking like it was before we planted the peppers. One of the plants was gone completely, and three more were laying next to the hole, in the dirt that had been removed. I replaced those three, and am hopeful they will be ok.

I also saw that something had been digging in the corn. Three plants, which were next to one another, had been dug out and eaten. The holes were very neat, with the mulch appearing to have been pulled back before the digging. The holes were approximately the size of my fist. I've asked the folks on Earthineer if anyone has any thoughts as to what may have dug the holes, but no one has any definitive suggestions yet.

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