Monday, June 17, 2013


Today was one of those days I'd rather forget. I got next to nothing accomplished, and part of what I did accomplish turned out to be unnecessary.

Andrea had to be in town this morning for jury duty, so I took her since the last time it was almost impossible to find a parking spot. On my way to pick her up after work I had an encounter with a groundhog that was crossing the road, and I ran over and killed it. Anytime I've hit an animal on the road its depressing, even when the result wasn't fatal.

Once we got home and had dinner I went out to unload some stuff from the car since Andrea needs to drive it tomorrow. While shutting the shed back up, I discovered a wasps nest, a bit too late, and was stung. I have a long history with wasps, and we've never gotten along, so that didn't help my mood anyway, to say the least.

Since we had only received minimal rain the past few days I decided to go ahead and water the tomatoes. I'm sure that it was no more work than normal, but since I was in a bad mood and hurting from the sting it certainly seemed like it was. Once I finished that I called it a day.

Before bedtime it began raining. I knew the forecast had called for rain, but lately that seemed to result in little to no actual precipitation. Looks like today they might have gotten it right, after I made the effort to water the tomatoes. I think I should have just stayed inside all day today.

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