Friday, June 14, 2013


I haven't accomplished a whole lot this week. That is partly due to rain, but I've also missed out on a couple of opportunities to get outside and work. Today was a nice change of pace.

Andrea was weeding and mulching the herb garden when I got off from work. I went out and talked to her while she was working, and helped just a little. It wasn't too hot, so once she finished we decided to go ahead and transplant the peppers to the garden.

The peppers are still small, but we were able to transplant all but one of the planned varieties. Hopefully being in the ground will help them to really take off. We had originally planned to plant two each of eleven varieties, for twenty-two total. Instead we planted two each of ten varieties, plus an additional four of the extra, for a total of twenty-four plants. If they do even half as well as our peppers last year, we'll have so many that we'll be lucky to keep them picked.

While at the garden I also noticed that the corn is starting to do well. We had seen a couple of days ago that it had finally sprouted. It seems to have really take off since then, and is about four inches tall now.

After finishing in the garden we decided to call it a day, even though there was still some daylight left. Andrea took that opportunity to grill pizza for dinner. Pizza from the grill was one of our regular meals last summer, but this is our first time having it this year.

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