Sunday, June 2, 2013


It seems that its taking me some time to get back into the routine of posting. That is something that I need to work on.

Since my last post we haven't done any major projects. Much of my time has been spent working in the garden, which seems to be requiring a lot of time right now. We finally gave up on the previously planted corn, and I replanted using new seed. I'll have to do an update to the Corn Planting 2013 post to reflect the changes I made this time.

I've also continued to mulch, which highlights the need to collect more items like leaves and grass clippings to use as mulch next year, rather than buying straw. While mulching the garlic I noticed that most of the Korean Red is starting to form scapes, which is good to see. I should be able to harvest some of the scapes soon.

This past week has been really dry, with only a tenth of an inch of rain. We've settled on a routine of watering the tomatoes every other day, when it doesn't rain, and watering the potatoes Sunday evening if the rain for the week was not sufficient. This resulted in needing to do some serious watering this evening. I hauled 90 gallon of water from the creek, and we used all but 20 gallon of it, which is stored in the barrel for the next time we need to water the tomatoes. I watered everything in the garden except the corn, which had been watered when it was planted. The forecast is calling for a chance of rain later in the week, so I'm hopeful that we might not have to manually water as much this week.

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