Monday, June 17, 2013


This past weekend began with Andrea and I working together on finishing up the work on the bushes we planted along the edge of the yard. While Andrea installed the protective shields around the bases and labels I raked around them to prepare the soil for planting clover. We then sowed White Clover, which will serve as a living mulch. Our hope is that this prevents the need to mow, while at the same time provides nitrogen for the bushes to use.

After finishing that project we had some lunch and I took a short nap before going to a friend's house to help him with a project. The plan was to cut down a few unwanted trees in his yard, but my chainsaw would not started. Fortunately he had someone else there doing some work who did have a saw, and he agreed to cut the trees. With the trees cut, we just had to trim off the branches and carry the debris to an out of the way place. The heat took much more out of me than expected, and we ended up not completely finishing the project. I was exhausted when I made it back home, and did nothing but recuperate for the rest of the day.

On Sunday I got up early and worked on prepping the area along the front porch where we plan to plant sunflowers. We had applied some fresh horse manure to the area several months ago, which unfortunately resulted in thick grass growing up in the area. I mowed the grass, then use the rototiller to dig out the area. After picking out the clumps of grass, which went into the compost bin, I used a hoe and rake to smooth the soil back out.

By the time I finished it was getting hot, so I decided to call it a morning. It rained on and off the test of the day, although never very much. In hindsight we might should have watered the tomatoes, even though it rained some. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we might go ahead and water them.

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