Monday, January 21, 2013


Even though today was cold, it was nice and sunny, which I much prefer to warmer and gloomy. I went out and lunch and did a few small tasks, including working on the area at the corner of the driveway and parking area that I recently filled in.

There was water standing there when I added the dirt, and it has rained a lot since then, so it was basically nothing by mud. When delivery trucks turn they tend to drive through that area, which means that the mud had deep tired tracks through it, and wasn't really doing the job I had hoped. I used a hoe to re-distribute the dirt to fill in the tire tracks, then used a tamper to pack it down. Its still muddy, and anyone driving over it will likely cause the same problem again. However, the weather forecast is calling for cold temperatures, well below freezing, for the next several days, so hopefully that will help to ensure it doesn't get messed up again anytime soon.

I also spent some time this evening typing up my notes from the Eastern Kentucky Beekeeping School event that we attended this past weekend. In the process I discovered that I never finished typing up my notes from the 2011 Mother Earth News Fair, so I need to work on that this winter as well.

I also need to do more reading this winter. I've been watching tv before bedtime instead of reading, which, while enjoyable, is not getting me any closer to getting through the stack of books that I have waiting to be read. Several of the books on my list will eventually be reviewed for the blog, once I manage to get through them.


  1. Ah, the endless stack of books! I've been treating myself to one storebought fiction book for every non-fiction book off that to-read pile that I finish and blog about. Sure does the trick since I nearly never buy fiction and have a long list of things not available at my local library. :-) Maybe you can bribe yourself with something as well?

    1. Even though I tend to read through fiction books more quickly, I generally enjoy reading non-fiction just as much, provided its a topic I am interested in. What I really need to do is stop finding interesting tv shows to get involved in :-)