Friday, January 4, 2013


Have you ever noticed that no task is ever as simple as you think it will be? Andrea had an appointment this morning to take Jack to the vet to have him fixed. She was suppose to have him there at 8:30 AM, which meant leaving here around 7:30. He has missed three previous appointments because he wasn't here on the day he was suppose to go. To make sure he didn't miss another, I volunteered to get up early this morning to make him stay home, since he and Luke normally go out every morning. Yesterday at 7:00 AM they were gone, so I decided to get up at 6:00 today, thinking they wouldn't leave before day break.

I woke up early, so got up and dressed and went out around 5:40 to check on them. To my surprise they were already gone. I tried blowing the dog whistle, then went out again about 10 or 15 minutes later and tried again. After a third attempt with the whistle, I decided maybe I should go looking for him, so headed out in the truck around 6:30. About a mile up the road, just before getting to the house where Jack hangs out sometimes, I saw something dart across the road behind the truck. I stopped and opened my door, and saw it was Jack. I loaded him in the truck, and headed back home.

Since I had known I would need to be outside this morning, I didn't bother unloading the truck when we got home last night. So, even though it was still dark, I started unloading it, since Andrea was planning to drive it to the vet. My plan was to transfer the plow into the bed of the RTV bed so I wouldn't have to lift it. Unfortunately I had forgotten that the RTV bed was full of the boxes we had brought home with us after Christmas. We have been storing the cardboard in the metal building so I started carrying them there. When I walked up the ramp I noticed it was very slick, from the frost, so tried to be very careful. After placing the first load of boxes into the building I decided to back down the ramp, rather than trying to turn around. That was a mistake, because my feet flew up from under me, and I felt, face first on the ramp. My left wrist felt sore when I got up, but it doesn't seem like I suffered any real injury.

After that mishap I managed to put the remaining boxes in without walking up the ramp. I then unloaded the wheelbarrow from the truck and transferred the plow to the bed of the RTV without mishap. With those tasks done I sat on the front porch until Andrea was ready to leave, just to be sure that Jack didn't decide to take off at the last minute.

As the day has gone on, I've noticed more soreness in my wrist, as well as my elbow and, at times, back. Right now my elbow is the most painful, although only when I bend it quite a bit. I have plans for working this weekend, so have tried to let my muscles rest today in hopes that the soreness will subside.

Andrea went back and picked Jack up this evening. He has some swelling, but seems to be doing well. We're suppose to keep an eye on him for a few days, but he should be fine. He has seemed tired this evening, and hesitant to move around a lot, which is no surprise since he's probably quite sore.

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