Sunday, January 13, 2013


It has rained almost all weekend, but I've still been somewhat productive. Yesterday morning we drove into Richmond to pick up the Front Accessory Box for the RTV, which was one of my Christmas gifts. While in Richmond we made a few other stops, and also made a few stops in Berea. One of our stops in Berea was Happy Meadows Natural Foods. While there I picked up a Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble CD.

I also picked up a copy of Communities Magazine while at Happy Meadows. I had never seen the magazine before, but when I saw it on the shelf I knew I had to pick up a copy. I'm very interested in intentional communities, and enjoy reading about them. I can't imagine us ever being part of an one, but our visit to Egrets' Cove as part of the 2012 Berea Solar Tour really made me wonder if we should give it some thought.

Today I installed the Front Accessory Box. I figured it was a good time to do that job, since I was able to do it in the dry. I think it is going to work out well, once I really start using it. It should give me somewhere to store gloves, a trailer hitch, hitch pins, a winch strap, some tools, etc.

I also attempted to fix another leak in the metal building today. I discovered that water was leaking underneath the building frame, similar to what I found before, but on the opposite side. I applied some sealant, which I hope will keep the water out. It has been raining very hard all evening, so it is certainly getting a test. I just hope that the rain doesn't prevent it from setting up.

I've also helped Andrea hang a couple of window coverings this weekend. She was able to finish both of the coverings for her bedroom, so we installed those. She also has one for the window in the back door finished, and is just waiting for me to cut a wooden strip to mount it with. The one for the kitchen window is mostly read, she's just waiting on some draw cord that she has ordered. Once that one is installed, she just needs to make one more, for a small window in her closet.

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