Saturday, January 19, 2013


Today we attended the Eastern Kentucky Winter Beekeeping School, which was held in Hazard, KY. It was a well put together event. Andrea and I both enjoyed ourselves, and learned several things. We also each walked away with a door prize, both of which will come in handy once we do start beekeeping.

It is a bit tempting to move forward with our beekeeping plans this year, but we're still going to hold off until next year. I think we'll be busy enough this year with chickens. Also, we are attending an all day beekeeping workshop in April, and I may fit in another Beekeeping School event. Plus there are several books that I'd like to read before we make our final plans. We will likely try to attract some mason bees this year, though, to at least increase our pollinators a bit.

I'll be doing a full post on the event, including summaries of the workshops I attended, so stay tuned.

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