Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I had the day off from work today, since it is a holiday. It was rainy all day, so I didn't go out and do anything. We were still fairly productive, though. Our primary task for the day was to create a spot for the worm bin that we'll be making soon. Our trailer has two bathrooms, one off of the master bedroom, and the other connected to both my bedroom and the front entryway. The plumbing for the tub in the bathroom by my room has never worked right, so we just use the shower in the master bath. We decided some time ago that additional storage was more beneficial to us than a bathtub, so we covered the top of the tub with boards and then used that as a sort of makeshift closet. We've been able to store quite a lot there, by stacking boxes and/or storage containers.

We decided that my bathroom was a good place for the worm bin, so rearranged the boxes and storage containers in there to make room. While doing that we decided to go through some of the items, and found that quite a bit of it could be donated or recycled. I also pulled out a few items that I had been planning to put up for sale, so I spent the evening taking photos and getting those items listed on eBay. If everything sells for the expected price we will have made a couple of hundred dollars, and freed up some much needed space.

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