Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Concrete Block Jungle Gym for Cats

A while back Andrea had the brilliant idea of stacking concrete blocks to make a jungle gym for the kittens to play in/on. I had some extra blocks on hand, that will eventually be used for the remaining rain barrels, so one day I decided to grab four of them and see how well her idea would work.

I began by placing one block on its side, then placed another next to it, so that the holes aligned. Next I placed another block, also on its side, on top of the bottom layer, positioned perpendicular to them. Finally I stood the last block up on its end, turned so that the top hole aligned with one of the holes in the block on that second level.

The kittens ignored the structure for a while, then began to occasionally sniff around it. Eventually they discovered that it made a fun place to play, or a cool place to sleep. At times all four of them would be on the blocks, or inside the holes. Some of them like to hide in the holes, then reach out and swat the tails of the others when they pass.

I considered adding to the structure once the kittens grew a bit, but never got around to it. It would have been simple to add more height, and longer tunnels by adding blocks. Really, the options are only limited by your imagination, and the quantity of blocks you have available.

The best part about this project is that it was put together with materials I already on hand. Not only that, but once the kittens finish with it, I can still use the blocks for their intended use. Even if I had purchased new blocks to build this, it would have cost less than $6. I enjoyed watching the kittens playing on it enough to easily justify that expense.

For those of you who enjoy pictures to illustrate blog posts, I decided to link to a couple this time. Here is one of Lilly looking out from one of the holes. This one is of Lilly walking around on top of the structure, with Tiger getting ready to climb up.

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