Monday, August 19, 2013


Today was somewhat productive. I took the string trimmer over to the garden this evening and cut the buckwheat we had planted as a summer cover crop. While I had it over there I also mowed a section of the garden we never planted in anything, and then mowed around the compost pile and the stack of pallets that are waiting to be turned into a compost bin.

While mowing around the pallets I scared up a snake, which I later verified was Copperhead. It quickly slithered beneath the pallets, and I didn't see it again. I know that a lot of people would have tried to get to it to kill it, but I prefer to just give snakes their space and let them fill their role in the ecosystem.

After seeing the Copperhead, I saw a large hornets nest. Luckily I spotted it while I was still 10' or more from it, so never disturbed the hornets. The nest was near the ground, and was partially obscured by weeds, but it appeared to be at least the size of a basketball. The nest is not in an area I plan to clear this year, so I should be able to wait until winter to deal with it.

While I was mowing Andrea walked over. She was collected seeds from Jewel Weed and looking for St John's Wort plants. While I finished mowing she harvested a few tomatoes, and our first pepper of the season, a Long Red Cayenne. When I finished mowing we went for a ride to look for St John's Wort.

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