Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I've had a mixed week so far, in terms or productivity. Monday was fairly productive, but I haven't accomplished a whole lot since then.

I was determined to get some stuff done Monday, so I spent my lunch break over at the garden. I managed to mulch most of the peppers, using grass clippings. After work I went back over and finished the mulching. Next I spread wood chips around the strawberry bed, to give us a small weed-free border.

Andrea was very productive on Monday as well. She did some more work on getting our books inventoried and organized. Once it started cooling off she worked on weeding the herb garden, and reapplying mulch to areas that needed it. She also picked another handful of tomatoes.

Tuesday was my day to go to the office. Daisy had a vet appointment, to be spayed, so I dropped her off on my way to the office. Andrea met me in town after work, for our Gardening 101 class. This time we did another farm tour. My favorite part of the tour was interacting with the Great Danes that the owners raise. They dogs were incredibly friendly, and were obviously happy to have someone love on them. After the farm tour we dropped by the home improvement store to pick up some organic fertilizer for the strawberry bed. We're hoping that by doing a bit of work this summer we can improve yields next year.

When I got home Tuesday evening I had an email from the creator of Earthineer, letting me know that the new site was ready for beta testing. I've been looking forward to this, because it allows me to use the experience gained at my job in a really positive way. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of need for volunteers to do software testing for local businesses and environmentally conscience organizations. sometimes I'm tempted to try to learn web design, just so I have a more useful skill for volunteering to help such groups out.

I wasn't feeling great today, so didn't get out to do much, aside from check on the garden and pick another handful of tomatoes. For the most part I spent the evening on the new Earthineer site, searching for problems and making suggestions. I had forgotten how much I enjoy doing that type of work, and found it hard to pull myself away. For that reason I suspect that I won't get a whole lot else done during this beta testing period, unless the weather is just incredibly nice one day. Given the option of working outside on a dreary day, or testing a website, I'll most likely choose the testing.

I also received an email reply today from Jamie Aramini of Sustainable Kentucky. I had written her previously to offer my help with planning the next Kentucky Green Living Fair. While she said that she doesn't have a planning committee, she did have a few questions for me and asked my opinion on a couple of the things that she had planned. I am very glad that there are events such as this in this area, so want to do anything I can to help make the fair a success.

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