Friday, August 2, 2013


I haven't posted a daily update in several days because I really haven't accomplished a whole lot recently.

Monday was my most productive day. During lunch I fertilized the corn with urine, then added what was left to the compost pile. Then, after work, I decided to work on the mower. I discovered that the nut that had been giving me problems had worked loose again, so I had Andrea help me remove it so I could apply Loctite. I then tightened it again. I think I managed to get it tighter this time than before, so I hope that along with the Loctite that will be enough to keep it from working loose again. After finishing with that I cut a few tree branches that were hanging over the driveway. I still need to cut more, but the are very hard to reach from the ground. I'm hoping to borrow a friend's pole saw to cut the rest of them.

On Tuesday Andrea rode to London with me, and took the car while I was at the office. She met her family and they went to Lexington shopping for the day. They ran a bit longer than expected, so I was left stranded at the office. I was prepared for that possibility, though, so caught up on some reading. It was nearly 7:00 by the time I left the office, and nearly dark by the time we grabbed something to eat and drove home.

It rained on Wednesday, so I didn't go out after work. On Thursday, I planned to try out the mower, but that didn't work out. Andrea took the kittens to the vet for their first checkup and shots. When she got back home with them we noticed that Mari was having trouble walking. We called the vet and after a few questions he verified that it didn't seem to be related to the shots. We decided to take him back in so they could keep and observe him, so I took off from work early and we drove back to the vet. We ran a few errands while we were out, and so I ended up not getting back home in time to really accomplish anything else.

Today I took off from work so I could take Andrea to the dentist. While she was at her appointment I ran some errands around town. I went to the lumber company to get prices on material for the shed I'm planning to build.  I also stopped by a place to get a price on the metal for the roof. While I was out I stopped at a couple of rental places to get the price on a PTO post hole auger, and then checked the price to buy one from a couple of the local farm supply stores. At this point I can't decide if I should rent or buy. 

Since getting back home I've been trying to stay close, so I can do things for her so she can rest. I did run over to check on the garden this evening. We have a few ripe tomatoes that probably need picked tomorrow. Most of the corn is over head high, and there are several ears of corn in various stages of development, the biggest of which is probably eight inches long. I'm excited about having some fresh corn soon.

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