Saturday, August 17, 2013


After working from the office for three days this week it was nice to get back to normal and be able to work from home the rest of the week.

On Thursday evening we ran out to town to pick up a few groceries, including some distilled water which I need for a new method I plan to try for preserving garlic. I also filled up my gas cans, since I'm out, and need to mow soon. When we got back I took some measurements of the driveway, so I could figure out how many gravel I need to order, which I plan to do soon. I really didn't know how long the driveway is. It turns out that the driveway itself is 350' long, plus a 342 square foot parking area and 980 square foot turning area, once I do the planned expansion. I also want to go ahead and get enough gravel for the floor of the shed I plan to build in the next month or two. I ran some calculations online, and then talked to my Dad. He thinks I'll need much less than the calculations show, so I may start with one load, and see how far it goes, then decide if I need to get another or not.

On Friday I was very excited to get to harvest the first ear of corn from our garden. This is our first ear growing corn, and its a big deal to me. Both because I love corn, and also because its a more demanding crop than some others. The ear that I harvested could have used a bit more time to develop, but it was pretty good and delicious. After work Andrea and I went back to the garden and harvested tomatoes. They are really starting to ripen now, and we harvested around thirty this time. We spent the rest of the evening getting ready for a trip, and got in bed early because we had to be up very early on Saturday.

On Saturday we got up early, 5:00 AM, and drove the three hours to Vanceburg, in Northeast Kentucky, to attend one of the 2013 Woodland Owners Short Course Program events. I'll be doing a post about the event once I have a chance to review my notes. On the way hope we stopped for some dinner and ran into a farm supply store. While there I spotted a Fiskars Brush Axe on clearance, and decided to pick it up as a spare. I suspect that mine will be getting much more use in the near future as we work on removing invasive plants from our woods.

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