Sunday, August 4, 2013


I didn't accomplish a whole lot on Saturday. We spent the morning going to and from London to pick Mari up from the vet. He is certainly doing better, although he is still limping. He was clearly feeling better than when we took, him, though, because he was very talkative and let Andrea hold him for most of the ride. Normally he doesn't like being picked up, so that was a nice change.

Neither of us felt well all day, so we mostly just stayed inside. We did make a trip over to the garden, though, and picked six tomatoes. It is looking like we should have a pretty good tomato yield this year. I definitely think its going to be good for our first attempt. I also fertilized the corn while we were over there.

We have been working on ridding the house of unneeded paper lately, so I've been trying to finish typing up all of my notes from past workshops. I continued working on this on Saturday. I'm also starting to really look forward to the Mother Earth News Fair, so I spent some time going through the current list of workshops, and making a list of those I might be interested in. I was surprised to find that the list contains more than twenty workshops. It appears that I should be able to easily fill my schedule again.

Today I was feeling better, but still spent the first part of the day much like Saturday. I continued typing up notes, and then shredded a bunch of paper. While I was doing this, Andrea was working on getting an inventory of our books. We're starting to find that we can't remember if we own certain books or not, and we wanted to solve that before going to the Mother Earth News Fair. Once it cooled down this evening I got out and tested out the mower. I mowed the strawberry patch, in preparation for getting it ready for the fall and winter. I then headed across the road, which was needing mowed badly. The last couple of times I had mowed over there the mower had messed up on me, so I hadn't completely mowed it in a couple of months. I was able to mow everything that I wanted, and was going back over the area that had been mowed most recently when I ran out of gas. I'm not ready quite yet to say the mower is fixed, but it is looking promising.

Andrea was outside applying the shredded paper to the herb garden when I got back from mowing. She had also been picking blackberries and asked me to drive her over to the garden so she could pick more. She's hoping to pick enough to make another batch of jelly this season.

While today wasn't wildly productive, it was the most productive day I had had in a while. Sometimes its hard to view projects done inside as being as productive as outside projects, but I think the projects we worked on today were important to get done. What we really need to do, though, is improve our timing so that inside projects are done when its rainy or during the winter.

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