Sunday, August 18, 2013


I felt like today was very unproductive, but as I started thinking about what to include in the update I realized that it was more productive than I thought. I think its the fact that I didn't go out and tackle a project that made me feel unproductive.

It was raining this morning, so even though I woke up fairly early I didn't go out. Instead I spent a few hours finishing the typing of Andrea's notes from the Field to Fork Festival. After lunch I decided to start working on prepping some of the garlic to be preserved.  As I explained in Garlic Growing Results - 2013 some of the garlic was unsuitable for long term storage, due to thin papers, misformed bulbs, etc. I spent a few hours peeling the garlic, and sorting it based on which preservation method I planned to use. The garlic I was able to peel without cutting at all went into jars to be preserved using the  pickled-lite method I learned from Enon Valley Garlic. The rest sat aside to be sliced and dehydrated.

After dinner we rode over to the garden to check on things and pick some tomatoes. They are starting to ripen more quickly now. The corn is also starting to fill out nicely. I'm trying to be patient, and give it plenty of time to mature before picking another ear, but I don't want to let it get over-ripe. I'll probably try another ear later in the week.

Before coming back home we decided to try out some of the tree identification tips we learned at the Woodland Owners Short Course Program yesterday. There were a couple of trees that we were unable to ID, but most we could at least narrow down to the general type (maple, oak, etc) if not down to the specific variety.

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