Thursday, August 22, 2013


It has been a somewhat productive few days since I last posted a daily update. On Tuesday I worked from the office in London as normal, although that is going to be changing back to Wednesday. Our final Gardening 101 class was scheduled for Tuesday evening, but was cancelled at the last minute due to an illness. I still didn't do anything when I got home from the office, though.

On Wednesday the forecast was calling for rain, and it was raining all around us, so I let that prevent me from going out to do anything. I don't think it ever ended up raining here. Sometimes I think I would be better off not even checking the weather forecast.

Unlike the past couple of days, today was productive. At lunch I went over to the garden and picked a couple ears of corn. These were much fuller than the one I had picked last week. So far I'm very pleased with the way the corn has turned out, although I realize that I can't judge the crop by the first three years. I went back out immediately after work and hauled off the debris from when I trimmed tree limbs recently. I had been meaning to do that anyway, but today had no choice since I was getting ready to mow. After finishing that I mowed the front yard, which was badly in need of it. It was nearly dark by the time I finished. While mowing I did come to the realization that I'm going to have to work on the brakes on the 4-wheeler. They have been sticking for a while, but today it was bad enough to impact my ability to mow.

Andrea and I both also worked today on putting together a big book order. One of the publisher's, Chelsea Green, that we order from often has a huge sale going on right now. Between the two of us we ended up ordering more than 20 books. I'll certainly have no shortage of material to read.

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