Monday, November 26, 2012

BumbleBerry Farms Heritage Select Honeys - Lotion2Go Bar

One of the items I purchased this year at the Mother Earth News Fair was a Lotion2Go Bar from BumbleBerry Farms Heritage Select Honeys. Located in Somerset PA, BumbleBerry Farms sales a variety of honey and honey based products.

I wanted to try the Lotion2Go Bar to see if lotion in bar form might be a better option for me than traditional liquid lotion. I have extremely dry skin, which tends to flake and even crack in the winter. I know that I should apply lotion regularly, but I dislike doing so. Because we do not keep the house very warm in the winter the last thing I want to do is use a cold liquid lotion that is going to make me even colder.

I've only used the Lotion2Go Bar a couple of times so far. The first time I tried it was earlier in the year when the temperature was a bit warmer. My body heat was sufficient to melt the bar enough that  simply rubbing it in my hands was enough to apply a good coat. The last time I used it, however, the temperature was approximately 60 degrees, which caused it to be a bit more difficult to apply. However, I was still able to apply a good layer by rubbing the bar between my hands, as well as over my feet, as long as I applied a bit of pressure.

Even after a day, I can tell that my hands and feet aren't as dry as before I used the Lotion2Go Bar. I don't think I'd want to try to apply it to my entire body, but its a good solution for hands and feet. I love the smell of the cocoa butter in the bar. My only complaint is that after using the bar my hands feel greasy. Its no worse than with many lotions that I've tried, although I have used some more expensive lotions that did not leave my hands feeling so greasy. Ultimately, though, the greasiness is a minor inconvenience when compared to the positives of the Lotion2Go Bar. I suspect that if BumbleBerry Farms is at the MEN Fair again next year I'll most likely buy another bar or two.

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