Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I skipped the daily update yesterday, but I actually did accomplish a few things. At lunch time I hauled off another load of brush. I also got the big mower out and mowed around the edge of the brush pile, to cut the stems that were remaining from the briars I had cut.

Today at lunch I decided to work in the herb garden a bit. Since we are completely redoing the layout for next year I took up the rocks that we were using as stepping stones. I also pulled up the dead plants, cut them up, and spread them over the area. I plan to add mulch, so hopefully the organic material from the plants will decompose by the time to plant this spring.

We went to London this evening after work. Andrea had some grocery shopping to do, and I was needing to look for a few items myself. I picked up a 3/4" clevis, that I'll use when I need to hook a chain to the tractor for pulling something. I'm looking forward to seeing how well the brush grubber will work when hooked to the trailer.

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