Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blog Milestone - 2000 Page Views

I had not intended to write a post when the blogged reached 2000 page views, as that is a fairly minor milestone. The time frame, however, for reaching this last 1000 page views was significantly less than the first 1000, so I thought that was note worthy.

I started this blog on July 3rd. The 1000 page views mark was hit on October 17th, for an average of just under 10 page views per day. The 2000 page views mark was hit today, on November 28th. That works out to an average of just over 23 page views per day since October 17th, which is a 150% increase in traffic. I am quite pleased with that.

The most popular post so far, based on page views, has been Tools - Fiskars Brush Axe, which has had 176 page views so far, and continues to increase. From what I can tell the traffic is coming from search engine results, which means there must be quite a bit of interest in that tool. My post is currently near the top of page 2 of Google search results for the phrase 'Fiskars Brush Axe'. I suppose I should begin to learn about Search Engine Optimization, but at this point I'm more focused on simply providing content for the blog.

The second most popular post is 2012 Berea Solar Tour, which is primarily due to the post being shared on the Facebook page of one of the individuals whose home was mentioned in the post. It is clear that social media is a useful tool for driving traffic to the blog. This is why I have created a Facebook page to help promote it.

I'd like to thank everyone who has visited the blog so far for taking the time to read about my ventures. As long as you keep visiting, I'll keep writing.

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