Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I didn't do a whole lot today, but did make it outside for a few minutes during lunch. I finished cleaning up the scrap lumber that had been temporary relocated to the shed where I park the RTV and four-wheeler. Once I did this I was able to move the four-wheeler back under the shed. I also decided to see if the big mower would fit between the shed and the metal building. It fits perfectly, which means that most of the rain and snow will be kept off of it by the buildings on either side. I covered it with a tarp, which I'm hoping will last longer than if it were in direct sunlight.

I also received a package today that I've been expecting. After buying the tractor I realized that I needed a gas can for diesel. I really do not like the new plastic gas cans, so after some research I decided to order 5 gallon JustRite Type 1 metal gas can. It seems, so far, to be very well built. Of course the true test will be how easy it is to pour from it.

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