Saturday, December 22, 2012

Blog Milestone - 3000 Page Views

When the blog crossed the 2000 page views milestone I indicated that I had not originally intended to post about it, but changed my mind. I've now decided that as long as the blog keeps receiving increasing traffic, I will likely continue to do posts at various milestones, although not always at 1000 page view milestones.

Having said that, today the blog received its 3000th page view. November 28th was the date of the 2000th page view, which means the blog has received 1000 page views in only 25 days. This works out to an average of 40 page views per day, which is a 74% increase since the October 17th through November 28th time period, during which the 1001st through 2000th page views were received.

The most popular post written during the past 25 days is Book Review - The Biochar Solution, with 62 page views. The Tools - Fiskars Brush Axe post continues to be the most popular post on the blog. On November 28th that post had received 176 page views. Today, that same post is up to 550 total page views.

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