Friday, December 7, 2012


Today I took the opportunity to just walk around outside a bit and make a mental note of some of the things I need to try to do before Spring. There are a couple of areas along the driveway and down by the road that still need some clearing out. I especially want to finish up down by the road, so that we can plant the bushes we're wanting to plant there. In addition to briars in a few spots there are also a couple of small trees along the driveway I need to remove as well as a few fallen trees that need to be pulled out and dealt with.

I also walked across the road and looked at the spot where my current "road" to get over there is. It works ok for the RTV, but is not suited to the tractor because of the danger of tipping over. There is a much better spot, which I'm not currently using, because of a pile of rocks, which I initially thought would help me to eventually build a better road. The incline isn't that great, though, so I'm thinking that I'll probably end up moving the rocks and just start crossing there. If I leave the rocks in place I'll need to haul dirt to cover them, and I suspect that may be more work than it'll be worth.

While I was out I also went up to the shed to look for the lantern. Once I found it I tested to make sure everything was working as it should be. I plan to use it to light up the shed in the evenings, so I can start spending some time up there after dark trying to organize things. I'm excited to have the extra space after assembling the metal building and moving the lumber out that was stacked in there. I'm yet to take advantage of the extra room though, so need to start working on organization so I can.

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