Friday, December 28, 2012


The temperature made it into the mid 40s today, and we even had a bit of occasional sunshine. I went out for about an hour during my lunch break. My first task was to apply straw mulch to the garlic. I should have done this weeks ago, but was hoping to put down a border of wood chips first. I haven't finished chipping, though, so finally decided to go ahead and do the  mulch. I had about a quarter of a bale of straw left when I finished the garlic, so I applied that to one of the strawberry beds. After mulching I unloaded the bed of the truck, which had our large storage tote and some boxes that we brought home from Christmas. The weather forecast is calling for a chance of snow this weekend, so I wanted to be sure the truck was unloaded and ready to go in case we need to use it if we need to go somewhere.

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