Sunday, December 30, 2012


We continue to be lucky when it comes to snowfall. This is the third time this year that the snow missed us while other parts of central and/or eastern Kentucky received measurable amounts. We did get some snow flurries today, but the temperatures were warm enough that it melted immediately.

We decided to get up early and drive to London. Andrea needed to return a few items and do some shopping, so we wanted to try to beat the crowds. It worked out very well, and we managed to finish everything we needed to do and make it back home by noon.

I didn't feel well all day, so didn't do much else. Andrea did tackle a project once we returned home, though. She made a new bed for the dogs. This is the type of project that I really like, as she was able to make it with re-purposed materials. She used the old insulated window covering that had been covering the large window in my bedroom before we replaced it with a better one. She simply folded it in half, and stitched the sides together. She then filled it with scraps of fleece and other fabric that she has been saving for such a project. Once that was done she stitched up the remaining side, and then put it on the front porch for the dogs to use. While the finished product may not be as nice as a store-bought bed, such as this one, it cost much less and required the use of no virgin materials other than the thread.

Luke seems to be enjoying the new bed so far. It should be a bit warmer than the previous one, and the added thickness should be a bit more comfortable as well. Sometime we need to make an outline of the doghouse base so Andrea can make one to fit in there as well.

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