Thursday, December 6, 2012


After several nice warm days the weather has turned dreary again. I'm very easily kept inside on days like today, which means that I accomplish little. I did make a trip over to the garden this evening, though, primarily to take some kitchen scraps to the compost pile. While over there I checked on the garden plot, and was surprised by what I found. As I approached I noticed a big part of the garden seemed to have some green color. I thought that maybe my eyes were just playing tricks on me, since it was nearly dark. Once I got close enough to get a good look, though, I was able to verify that I was indeed seeing a lot of green. The winter rye has finally broken through the surface of the soil, and is now about an inch and a half tall. I'll admit that I was a bit worried about it for a while, so am very relieved to see that it is growing. I'm looking forward to keeping check on its progress.

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