Saturday, May 4, 2013


Things are getting busy enough around here that I'm having trouble remembering what I did on which day. Luckily my Day to Day blog entries make it easy to go back and figure that out, provided I write an entry each day. When I skip a day, like Friday, it takes me some time to figure out what I need to write about.

On Friday evening Andrea and I worked in the garden together. She pulled weeds, and manged to get them all pulled from the potato patch. While she did that I spread mulch over a portion of the area where the rye had been planted. I used the rest of the leafs and debris I had piled up previously, so now need to go haul some more. I managed to cover an area measuring approximately 12' by 19', where the tomatoes and peppers will be planted. My thought behind mulching now is that it will help to prevent weeds from growing, while also helping the clippings from the rye decompose more quickly.

After finishing up in the garden we went across the road in search on some garlic mustard that she had spotted when taking inventory of the wildflowers over there. Garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) is an invasive species, and is considered a noxious or restricted plant in much of the US. She had only noticed one plant originally, but upon further inspection we found several more. We pulled all that we saw, and placed in a black trash bag, so the seeds would not be spread.

This morning we got up early and drove to London. While Andrea attended a quilting club meeting I ran a few errands, including finding a store where we could buy polypropylene baling twine to use for tying up the tomato plants later in the season. After her meeting we stopped by Rock Bottom Stables & Soap Company, which we had first become aware of at the Kentucky Green Living Fair. We picked up a couple bars of soap as well as a bar of their shave soap that I have been wanting to try.

Next we went to the Laurel County Master Gardeners Flower & Garden Show, which was the primary reason for going to London today. While there Andrea picked up a few herb plants that she needed for the herb garden. I also tried a sample of several types of pesto, most of which I had never tried before. I liked the roasted red pepper pesto, and may try making it at home sometime.

The weather forecast had been calling for rain, so I expected that we wouldn't be able to accomplish anything outside after returning home. By the time we got home, however, they had pushed the call for rain off several hours, so after having lunch and relaxing a bit, we headed outside. Andrea went in search of more wildflowers for her log, and I tagged along. We found a few that she hadn't seen before, but had to cut the project short when the camera battery died.

We also managed to get some work done in the garden. We planted four short rows of corn, which is one task I was really hoping to get done. It actually didn't take very long, and would have been much quicker if we hadn't taken such pains to ensure straight rows and even spacing of the seeds. After finishing up with the corn we decided to weed the raspberries, which is what we were doing when the rain started. We were able to get that finished, and get back home in time to put the tools away before the rain picked up. It has been raining steadily ever since.

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