Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today was a productive day. During my lunch break I went over to the garden to check things out. Most of the onions had sprouted, so I went ahead and applied a thin layer of mulch over the bed. I used the leaves and other debris I had collected that had been left by the recent high water.

After work I removed the plastic from the front porch, because it has started to get really hot out there. After that I hooked up the mower and mowed the front yard. I had planned to not use the mower until I had a chance to tighten the blades, but the yard really needed mowed, so I decided to use it one more time. I had planned to buy a set of ramps while in London on Tuesday, to use for getting the mower up off the ground so I could work under it. The store with the best price on them, however, was out of stock, so I decided to wait.

After finishing with the big mower I got out the push mower. I used it to mow the backyard and the side yard, around the clothesline. While I had it out, I went ahead and mowed along the edges of the strawberry bed, which is very difficult to do with the big mower.

While I was mowing Andrea worked on the herb garden. She has been taking up the rocks we were using for the front edge, and replacing them with other rocks, stacked differently. The new edge will look a lot better, and should be more effective as well. She's made a lot of progress, but still has quite a bit more work to do before its finished.

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