Monday, May 13, 2013


I still wasn't feeling well when I got up this morning, but by the time I finished with work I was feeling pretty much back to normal. I got out the string trimmer for the first time this evening and trimmed around the trailer, along obstacles in the yard, and along the edge of the yard. Its funny how tiring such a task can be the first time I do it each year. When I was initially clearing the land I'd use the trimmer for several hours a day, every weekend. Today, though, just an hour of use gave me a sore back and arms.

While I was mowing, Andrea worked in her herb garden. She did some weeding as well as pulling up some rogue mint. The mint from last year had spread beyond is intended area. This past weekend at the Herb & Craft Festival a lady suggested a couple of ways to prevent mint from growing outside of a specific area. I'm not sure if Andrea plans to try one of those suggestions, or just try to keep it under control manually.

Once I finished my mowing I helped Andrea in the herb garden. We worked on placing more stepping stones. Progress went a little quicker today than in the past, and we were able to get four more stones placed.

We could probably have worked for another hour, but I had to be inside for a call for work at 8:30 PM. Rather than work right up to that time we decided to stop at 7:30 so I would have time to take a shower and eat before the call. Otherwise it was going to be 9:30 before I could eat dinner.

The weather forecast is calling for scattered frost tonight, but we're taking a chance and not covering the strawberries. The chances of it frosting here seem much less likely that last night, and I don't think that the uncovered strawberries were actually damaged last night. We did, however, bring in the tomatoes. We have been leaving them outside during the day, to harden them off, and had planned to leave them outside tonight and tomorrow night, then plan them on Wednesday. We didn't want to risk leaving them out if it might frost, however, so will probably end up just leaving them out one night before planting.

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