Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today was a very tiring, yet productive day. We decided to transplant the tomato plants to the garden today, which turned out to be a fairly big job, even though we only did twenty plants. I lunch I loaded the push mower into the RTV and got it ready to take to the garden for one last pass over the rye that was trying to grow back. After work I went over and mowed, which only took a few minutes since I only needed to mow an area about half the size of before, as the other area is now mulched.

It was unseasonably warm yesterday, with temperatures in the upper 80s. The garden was still in full sun when I finished mowing, so I didn't think we should start planting right away, since Andrea can't tolerate being in direct sun for extended periods. I knew that we would need to water the tomatoes after transplanting, so I decided to go ahead and haul some water while it was hot, since I would be in the shade most of the time while doing that. I placed a 30 gallon plastic drum near the garden for storing the water. I then use buckets and jugs to haul water up from the creek to fill the drum. I ended up hauling about 35 gallon of water, which should give us enough to water the plants a couple of times more at least.

By the time I finished hauling water the sun had gone down enough that the garden was in shade, so we got started with planting. I'll do a separate post on the topic, so won't go into details here. It was dark by the time we finished.

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