Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Today wasn't as productive as I had hoped. Even though I have taken the week off from work I had to work half a day today, attending some important meetings. Luckily I was able get outside for a few hours between meetings, though, because it stormed all evening.

I was able to look into the issues with the mower, and determine that the last time I used it the belt had slipped off. It didn't break, though, which is good. I have a new belt, and bought new bearings for it, so I'll put those on and see if that solves the problems I was having.

I also did some work on the front porch. When I had previously taken down the plastic from the porch I just cut it, because the yard was too wet to set a ladder at that time. Today I took down most of the strips that I had used for securing the plastic. I mostly wanted to get them taken down so they wouldn't be exposed to the weather now that the plastic is down.

Today was also the day of Jack's surgery. Andrea was actually on the way back home with him when the storms began. Thankfully they made it home safely. Jack seems to be doing well.

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