Monday, May 6, 2013


It rained nearly all day today. There were a few periods of sunshine around midday, but that was soon replaced by storms. Thankfully it was raining during lunch, so I was able to get outside for a bit. It was very wet, so I normally would not have even bothered to go out.

The last time we had gone out looking for wildflowers we spotted a plant with a very distinct arrangement of leaves, but now flowers. After that I saw a photo that someone posted on the Kentucky Native Plant Society Facebook page of Pink Lady Slipper with leaves that looked very much like that plant we had seen. I'm hoping to catch the plant in bloom, to see if it is a Lady Slipper, so used my lunch break to check on it. Unfortunately it has yet to bloom, so I'll have to check back in a day or two.

I wanted to do something productive after work, so I went out to the shed and worked on trying to get things organized. I managed to accomplish a few things, but my progress was severely restricted by the two large dogs that I had to keep stepping over or around. Luke and Jack had both gone with me to the shed, and after exploring for a brief period they both decided to take a nap. The she isn't that large to begin with (11' x 12'), and because it is cluttered there isn't a lot of open floor space. Add in two large dogs, and open space was very limited. After an hour or so I finally gave up and headed back to the house.

We also began the process of hardening off the tomato transplants today. We put them on a shelf on the front porch for the day, and took them back in after dark. We'll do that for several days, before exposing them to a full sun environment and/or outside conditions for overnight. I'm hopeful that we can plant them later this week, if the weather cooperates.

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