Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Yesterday I worked at the office in London. Since I was driving the truck I went before work to pick up some insulated metal panels that I plan to use for an upcoming project. They were more expensive than I expected so I only bought six, which should be enough for my project and still leave a few extra.

After work we had our Gardening 101 class. The topic this week was high tunnels, which was interesting. There was a lot of focus on a government backed program that provides some cost-sharing for installing high tunnels. In addition to the normal part of the class there was also a presentation on the Kentucky Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program. GAP is primarily aimed at producers who sell their farm products to others, but there was still a lot of helpful information for the home gardener. We'll receive a certification for attending the presentation, which will mean we never have to complete GAP training again, even when we start selling products, unless the laws change.

Food was provided, courtesy of the salesman from DuPont who was there to speak to another group. It seemed kind odd to be eating a corporately sponsored meal at such an event. I suppose it really highlights how intertwined corporations have become with our government sponsored programs.

I didn't accomplish a whole lot today. I went outside at lunch and cleaned out the car in preparation for an upcoming trip. I planned to replace a blown fuse in the car, so the radio would work again, but found that we were out of spares. I'll have to pick some up before our trip so we can listen to the radio. I also removed one of the scarifiers from the box blade so I could take measurements to help me find a replacement for the one with the broken tip.

Andrea has been continuing to make progress on her seed starting project. Several seeds have now sprouted. She has also made more plant markers. She's experimenting with three different types of markers, so it'll be interesting to see which we prefer once they go into the garden.

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