Monday, March 4, 2013


We've had an eventful weekend. On Saturday I attended another farm equipment auction. It was cold and snowy, but was worth it, as I was able to pick up a tractor implement I was wanting. After the sale I drove into London, to buy a boom pole, which I wasn't able to get at the auction, to use for unloading the box blade I bought at the auction.

On Sunday we went to Lexington to attend the Kentucky Crafted Market, which was a fair featuring several Kentucky artists and artisans. At first it seemed that we weren't going to buy anything other than food, but ended up picking up a few additional items before leaving the fair.

After making it back home Andrea helped me unload the box blade from the truck. Like most projects, it turned out to be more work than anticipated. The boom pole was a big help, but I clearly need more experience with using it. I had everything adjusted so that I could life it and have Andrea drive the truck out from under it. Unfortunately, however, I was not able to lower it all the way to the ground. I'll know to plan for that the next time I use it.

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