Friday, March 8, 2013


The weather was beautiful today. It was a bit cool, but nice and sunny. Things were slow at work, so I took off a couple of hours early so I could go out and try to get a head start on my weekend plans.

I fired up the wood chipper and chipped some of the branches I had piled up. I realize now that I made a mistake by moving some of the debris with the tractor, because it ended up with dirt mixed in, making it hard to find the stuff needing chipped. I'll probably end up just pushing what's left out of the way for now.

After finishing with the chipper I did some organizing in the metal building to make room for storing the chipper in there. While doing this I discovered that I'm still getting some water leaking under the base of the walls, so will need to apply some more sealant.

Next I aired up the tires on the chipper and drug it to the metal building. Having the ramp certainly makes it much easier to get heavy items such as the chipper inside the building. I'm glad we decided to go ahead and build the ramp.

While I was out I also took some measurements to get an idea of where the shed for the tractor will go. Now I just need to start doing some grading work, which I'm hoping I might be able to start this weekend if all goes well.

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