Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yesterday it snowed. At approximately two inches this was definitely our biggest snow of the year. Like earlier in the winter, other areas near us received more. I suppose we're just lucky, or unlucky, depending on your view of snow. The dogs seemed to enjoy the snow. When Andrea let Jack out, he and Luke were so hyper that she left him out for nearly an hour. She said they seemed to really be having fun, and she hadn't see Luke so hyper in quite some time.

Andrea took the new cat to the vet today. We found out that it is a female, and is between one and two years old. The age really surprised me, as she is much smaller than Kitty. They tested her for common diseases and gave her a wormer and flea treatment. We were also given an ointment for her eye, which has been oozing, apparently from allergies.

Now that we know her gender, and that she is apparently going to stick around, we need to come up with a name. We're terrible at choosing names. That's one reason that Kitty's name is Kitty, well, Miss Kitty, technically. According to a list Andrea was looking at online of the worst things you can name a cat Kitty is number one.

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