Monday, September 16, 2013

Our First Lost Animal

Ever since Kitty came to live with us I've known that eventually we'd have to deal with death much sooner than if it was only the two of us living here. As we've opened our home to more animals, the likelihood of this happening soon increased. Unfortunately that first experience happened on Friday, when I found one of the kittens, Mari, dead.

My biggest worry was telling Andrea, because she was gone when I found him. She took it ok, though, and while we are obviously sad to have lost one of them, we came to terms with it quickly. I'm sure the fact that neither of us has been able to really develop a relationship with him played a major role in this. At least now we know that, as long as we don't get too close to them, we should be able to handle the loss of a chicken or two once we get them without it being a major ordeal.

Any loss of life is reason for sadness, but its part of the natural order. As we try to live more in tune with nature, we must also learn to accept death and recognize the vital role it plays in the cycle of life.

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