Sunday, September 15, 2013


I had fairly productive weekend, although maybe not in the traditional sense.

On Friday my parents came down to visit. Andrea and my Mom went to Lexington to do some shopping, and my Dad stayed here. I assumed he'd just hang around and watch tv while I worked, but he spent most of the time outside. He spent a couple of hours checking out the area where they plan to build their cabin. Then, after lunch, he decided to try out the tractor and spent a couple of hours on it, learning the controls and trying to smooth out the driveway a bit, since I hadn't been able to do so after spreading the last of the gravel.

After work my Dad and I explored more of the old house where they plan to build, as well as the area above it which contains a large cistern that needs to be torn down. We then came back over here and worked on the trim on the trailer I had damaged earlier in the week. We finished tearing it out, and then  managed to reuse a piece of the metal to cover the area so it would not be exposed to the elements. Its only a temporary solution, but I actually think it looks better than the way it was originally.

It was while finishing up that project that I discovered the body of the kitten which I mentioned in a previous post. I secured the body in the shed, where nothing could get to it until I was able to talk with Andrea. Once she got home I told her what happened and she agreed to let me take it offsite to dispose of it.

We all got up early Saturday morning and drove out to town for breakfast at the locally owned restaurant that Andrea and I like to frequent. After breakfast we returned here and went back out to future cabin site, so that my Mom could see it. After that we came back here and my Dad helped me reinstall the light fixture in the bathroom that we had taken down the last time they were in town. After this they loaded their car and left, since we were expecting other visitors.

That afternoon a couple of our friends came by to meet the animals and get a tour of the place. They are going to be house sitting for us this weekend while we attend the Mother Earth News Fair, so we wanted to be sure they knew their way around, and that the dogs knew them. We didn't have a lot of time to visit, but they met all of the animals and I was able to show them around the property a bit. It was nice getting to see them, and I enjoyed showing someone around the place.

I spent a couple of hours this morning working on my schedule for the MEN Fair. We then drove to London, because I needed to pick up a couple of things for reinstalling the gutter downspout on the corner of the trailer where we had removed that piece of trim.

Andrea helped me with the downspout this evening. We went ahead and cut it the length it needs to be for when I install a rain barrel. I hope to get another barrel finished and installed before we leave for the fair. In the meantime I have a piece of rain pipe attached to direct the water away from the trailer.

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