Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Its been far too long since I last posted, and I have nothing but excuses to explain why. I've had one of my period of sever lack of motivation recently, which has resulted in not only no blog posts, but also little being accomplished around here. I've been trying to pay more attention, in hopes of identifying the root cause(s). I believe it to be a combination of things, including allergies from using the air conditioner more than normal due to the unseasonably warm temperatures, falling back into poor eating habits, and stress from things like an unpleasant incident with a co-worker earlier in the week.

I'm not even going to try to recount everything that i've done since my last update, but can hit the highlights. My parents came down this weekend for a visit, so much of Friday evening was spent cleaning up and getting ready for that. Unfortunately it was both hot and rainy while they were down, so my Dad and I weren't able to work on any outside tasks, but did knock out a few inside ones. We fixed a wobbly ceiling fan, replaced a broken junction box so we could put another ceiling fan back up, and pulled out the kitchen stove so we could patch a hole in the floor that mice were using for entry.

I had originally had big plans for Monday, since I had the day off from work for Labor Day. Unfortunately it either rained, or looked like rain was imminent, all day, so I didn't try to get out. I did make it out for a bit on Tuesday evening, and cleaned up some downed branches around the garden in preparation for mowing over there. I've found that I'm unlikely to stop mowing to move stuff like that once I get started, so its much better for me to do cleanup before hand. Yesterday I went to London to work from the office, so didn't do anything productive once I got home.

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