Thursday, September 5, 2013


I was more productive today, so thought it was worth writing an update to celebrate the fact. I went over to the garden immediately after work to tackle a couple of projects. First was to drag a grape vine out of a tree that has been getting in my way. I had tried doing it by hand a couple of times, with no luck. This time I hooked the brush grubber to it, and then to the RTV and it was a simple matter to pull it down. I should probably go around one day and drag out any others that are giving me problems.

After taking care of the grape vine I started up the chainsaw. There was one small tree in particular that I wanted to mow. It was preventing me from mowing an additional 4-6 foot wide section in one area, where I hope to start seasoning some logs that I'll be cutting. Once this was cut, since I had the saw out, I decided to work on a tree at the corner of the garden that I've cut limbs out of before. Once this was cut and drug away I started cutting up the stump, but didn't get finished. I was getting pretty worn out, because for some reason running a chainsaw does this to me, and I was also expecting Andrea to arrive home soon. When I ran out of gas, I decided to just call it a day rather than filling up and trying to finish the job. Apparently I had missed seeing Andrea drive by, because she was waiting at the creek to meet me when I pull up to the crossing.

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