Monday, September 9, 2013


As expected, the gravel were delivered this morning. They got here at just past 8:00 AM, and now there is a bit more than 26 ton of gravel in a pile in the driveway. Technically they aren't all piled up, since I did spread some this evening, but I'll get to that.

In preparation for spreading the gravel I went out at lunch and fueled up the tractor and hooked it to the box blade. I had a bit of extra time before lunch was ready, so decided to go ahead and spread a few to work out how high I wanted the box blade set, etc.

I headed out immediately after work and began spreading gravel. My initial focus was the area where we park, and the area between where we turn at the trailer, which we've decided to go ahead and gravel. Unfortunately, while doing this I had a bit of an accident. Our trailer has some trim on the end that sticks out about a foot, and is about a foot wide. It was damaged when we bought the trailer, and I had been considering removing it entirely. I got a headstart on that today, when a was too close to the trailer when turning and the bucket hit the trim and partially tore it off.

At first I thought I might go ahead and take it on down, but it was just an hour until dark, so I decided to wait on that. The downspout had been attached to the trim, and it was torn loose and partially pulled down the butter on that end, so I reattached the gutter, and while I was up there, cleaned it out a bit. Hopefully that will be enough until this weekend, when my Dad will be visiting and I can get him to help me tear the trim on out.

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