Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9/25/12 - Act II

When I did my daily update this morning I assumed I wouldn't really have anything else to talk about today. I've decided, though, that there are a few things worth mentioning, so that is why the update for today gets a second act.

For the most part we just relaxed today and tried to rest up from the trip. Yesterday was quite exhausting, between driving 450 miles, walking around in Lehman's for three hours, and not getting home until after 11:00 PM. Surprisingly, though, I woke up around 8:00, which, while later than normal, is earlier than I expected.

The weather forecast was calling for rain, so I went ahead and unloaded the car before the rain moved in. I spent much of the rest of the day at the computer, typing up my notes from the fair and researching various organizations, companies, books, and other things that I heard about this weekend. I also took a few minutes after the rain stopped to go back out and clean out the car since I have to return it tomorrow.

Since I'm going to London tomorrow I went ahead and showered and shaved tonight. I decided to try out one of the items I purchased at Lehman's. I had been thinking about getting some sort of basin to rinse my razor in when shaving, rather than doing so in the sink. My logic behind this was that it would prevent the drain of the sink from getting clogged from hair, and the water and hair mixture could be added to the compost instead. I hadn't given a lot of thought to what sort of container to use, but while we were at Lehman's Andrea pointed out a few options. I wish I could have gone with some pottery or natural stone, but they were heavier than I wanted since I'd be carrying it to the compost, half filled with water. In the end I chose a small metal kettle with a lid and handle. I used the kettle tonight when I shaved and it worked out well. Since it was dark, I left it sitting on the counter with the lid covering it. I'll plan to carry it out to the compost tomorrow.

I do have one concern, however, regarding adding the water to the compost. The shave soap that I am using is glycerin based, so I don't know how good it will be for the compost. Since the amount of soap in the water is small, I'm not too worried, but do plan to begin shopping for some natural shave soap. I was previously using Col Conk shave soap, and had thought about just switching back to that, but it seems that it is also made with several ingredients that I might not really want in the compost. I suppose I need to start searching for an all natural shave soap, or just have Andrea make me some.

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