Thursday, September 13, 2012


I'm in the middle of a two day streak of being productive. I went out at lunch and raked some grass. There is plenty that can be raked, since it was so tall when I cut it yesterday. If I were to rake the entire yard I wouldn't be able to fit it into the compost bin. Once I get the big bin built I need to buy a lawn sweeper so I can keep plenty of grass clippings in the bin, or use them as mulch.

After work this evening I went back out. I got out the push mower and mowed the backyard and around the clothesline. I also mowed around the shed and out to and around the compost bin. The grass around the clothesline was very tall, so there were a lot of clippings in a fairly small area. I went ahead and raked that and added it to the compost bin. I need to do a better job of keeping that area mowed, since we are out there a lot, and when I go I'm as likely as not to go barefoot.

In my daily update for yesterday I forgot to mention some of the stuff that Andrea has been doing around the house. One of the big things she's been doing is dealing with the large amounts of peppers she recently harvested. She had a large bowl full of bell peppers, most of which she cut up and froze. There were also way more habaneros than we could even hope to use. She decided to try making some hot sauce with those. She made two types, but I haven't tried either yet. Even though I really like spicy foods, I have never eaten a lot of hot sauce. Sometimes I eat it on tacos, but between the homemade taco seasoning and the peppers (fresh, dried, or powdered) I really don't need to add any additional heat. I'm sure I'll find something to try the hot sauce on, though.

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