Saturday, September 29, 2012


The day started out dreary, but the weather this afternoon was very nice. It is still very wet out, because of the rain we've been having, but I was able to get out and do a few small projects anyway. The first thing I did was harvest some peppers. My parents had picked some peppers when they were visiting, but there were several more that were ready to be harvested. I picked a few Cayenne and a few Serranos. There were several Habaneros to be harvested. It was mostly Bell Peppers, however, that were ready. Several of the peppers were only inches from the ground, because they were weighing down the plants so much. One of the Orange Bell Peppers was very big, bigger than a softball. It wasn't completely Orange yet, but was worrying me because it was so close to the ground so I went ahead and picked it.

After picking the peppers, and throwing some of the bad ones into the compost bin, I moved on to another project. The drainage ditch I had dug for the air conditioner was in need of more gravel. I had bought a bag several weeks ago, but hadn't done anything with them yet. It only took a few minutes to cut open the bag and spread the contents in the ditch.

After I came back in we opened the box for our new solar oven and unpacked it so we could get a good look at it. We need to put it out in the yard one day with some vinegar before using it. Hopefully we'll have a nice day soon and can get it ready. I know that we'll use it a lot for drying vegetables, but I'm also interested in cooking something in it. The solar oven can be used for everything from baking bread, to cooking pasta or rice, to baking chicken or a roast. The gentleman we talked to a the fair claimed that food cooked in the solar oven tastes much better than normal, so it'll be interesting to see if he's right.

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