Saturday, September 15, 2012


Today we had an eventful day. We began the day by visiting the Wonder of Life Farm in Lancaster, KY. We had talked with the folks from the farm twice before, and had planned to visit the farm, but had yet to go. They were hosting an open-house today, so we thought it was the perfect time to visit the farm. It was very enjoyable and we nice to talk with someone who is raising many of the same farm animals we one day hope to raise, such as chickens, rabbits, and alpacas.

After leaving the farm we headed towards Nicholasville. Since we were driving past the Marksbury Farm store we decided to stop there and see what all they had to offer. It was our first trip to their store, but we were aware of the farm because they were  a food vendor at this years Field to Fork Festival. We ended up buying some beer cheese, a block of Kenny's Farmhouse aged cheddar cheese, some pasta flavored with hot peppers, and a chocolate croissant. We'll most likely visit the store again in the future. They had several other products to choose from, including grass fed beef and chicken, which were priced reasonably.

After stopping off for lunch we went to the Lexington Container Store. I had been planning to pick up some barrels for the rain barrel project, and figured today was a good day to do so since we were already going to be halfway there. We ended up with a truckload of barrels today, including five 55 gallon, two 20 gallon (with removable lids) and four 5 gallon jugs. Four of the 55 gallon barrels will be used for rain barrels, and the other will be mounted on a trailer frame to make a towable water tank that we can use to easily move water from the rain barrels to the garden. The 20 gallon barres will be used for storing gardening materials that need to keep dry, such as the perlite that we recently bought. The 5 gallon jugs will also be used for storing materials, such bone meal and other items we have in smaller amounts.

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