Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Chair Saver - Update

Back in July of 2013 I wrote this blog entry about The Chair Saver Kit. It has been one of my most popular entries. Unfortunately, shortly after posting that blog I started having problems. Eventually the Chair Saver was no longer helping at all, so I had to abandon it.

My current office chair, which I've had for nine years, started sinking recently. I considered the options and decided to give The Chair Saver another shot. I ordered it earlier in the week and it arrived yesterday. I installed it this morning and so far things are looking good.

The kit has changed since the one I bought in 2013. The original kit consisted of four one inch rings and one half inch ring, allowing adjustments between one half and four and a half inches. The new kit contains only three rings, one each in two inch, one and a half inch, and one inch sizes. The max height works out the same, but  there is a bit less overall flexibility in the adjustments. My chair required the maximum height, though, so that was fine for me. The new kit also seems to be made of strong plastic than the old one, which makes me optimistic.

The chair onto which I installed the kit seems better suited than the last one I tried it on. The plastic cylinder cover on this one was able to be pulled down, exposing the entire cylinder. This made it not only easier to install the rings, but also much easier to securely wrap everything with duct tape once I finished. This was a step I had missed originally the last time, but was recommended for users above a certain weight. By completing this step from the start I am hopeful it will make a difference.

I plan to regularly update this blog entry as time passes to share my perception of the product as I gain experience with it. So far I'm pleased, but the same initially true with my previous use of the product.


  1. How's it working out after a few months?

    1. It is still working great. I would gladly recommend the product based on my experience this time.

  2. REally appreciate your blog. Promised my boss I would find a solution and didnt want egg on my face